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Never Miss a Reference: Effective Referencing with Google Scholar for your Research Paper

October 5 2023, By Linda Inyang

google-scholar-referencingAccurate referencing is crucial for academic and research endeavors. However, the sheer volume of information available online makes tracking and citing sources a time-consuming and tedious task. Trust me, I know the struggle.

Spending hours sifting through numerous sources, painstakingly formatting citations, and compiling bibliographies can be incredibly frustrating and drains valuable time and energy that could be better utilized for research and analysis. Read More>>>


Inferential Statistics in SPSS: Everything you Need to Know

October 13 2018, By Chidi Rafael

spss-inferentialWhen decisions or judgements are to be made from a study or a descriptive data, it is imperative to adopt various techniques for inferences.One way to make inferences is by formulating a Hypothesis. A hypothesis may be needed in a study for users to decide appropriately on whether an assumption is true or false. Read More>>>

How to Create your Table of Contents (TOC) in 3 Minutes!

November 15 2021, By Chidi Rafael

tocWriting a research could be quite tasking but, creating a table of contents for your research paper could be time consuming and stressful due to certain technicalities involved. Students find this aspect difficult hence, shy away from it.
This brief article will take you through a very simple and smooth steps of creating your table of contents in a matter of minutes! Read More>>>.


Easy Steps to Preparing Power Point Slides for Your Research Paper

April 17 2019, By Ayedele Solomon

power point for researchMore often than not, many undergraduate and post graduate students get intimidated by it. And the truth is, you might have the insights of a professor, but without well-prepared slides, you can’t communicate effectively with your audience during your project defense, let alone convince them. Believe me, I felt a bit like it’s rocket science too, the first couple of times I used PowerPoint; until I discovered this nice little recipe I want to share with you In 3 short minutes. Read More>>>.

Easy but Effective Steps to Planning your Research Paper

March 31 2019, By Anuoluwapo Dorcas Oni

planning the research paperThree years ago I was a final year student in a higher institution. Research project is one of the requirements to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. Being a final year student it was time to write my own research project. Each student was assigned a specific supervisor to guide on the project.

To say the truth, I literally had no idea of how to do a research project or how to write a thesis. Not even close!

So I went to see my project supervisor to put me through, hoping she would give me topic to work on. Read More>>>


Is your Questionnaire Valid and Reliable? Discover 5 Easy Validation and Reliability Checks you can Apply

November 13 2018, By Anuoluwapo Dorcas Oni

How Reliable and Valid is your Questionnaire? This is one question every Research Student must answer one day. Asking the right questions, applying the right research/measurement instruments to achieve research objectives and meeting the right respondents are very crucial when conducting a survey. Read More>>>

SPSS Made Ridiculously Easy: A Step by Step Guide on Using SPSS for Data Analysis

September 25 2018, by Chidi Rafael

spss made easyLet me pause and ask a question…what if I told You that Analyzing Data with SPSS is easy as ABC? Would You Believe? Sure, you can ridicule it, come out with good grades, and most importantly, save time and money.
Now, what You are about to read here is the simplest tutorial You can find on the World Wide Web on SPSS. Trust me. I have a special anointing for breaking complex issues to its simplest form. Lol. This ariticle breaks down all the necessary information you need to know and even advanced SPSS tools and techniques for data analysis. Read More>>>

How To Write An Effective Research Proposal

April 02 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

When you apply for postgraduate studies like master's degree or doctoral degree, you may be asked to submit a research proposal. This proposal helps the department or faculty you intend to study in, to determine if they have all the requirements to support your area of study.

It would also be used to give your application an overall assessment by the institution, therefore, you have to write a good one. This is what proves your qualifications and competence to the faculty. So you need to write one as it is an essential requirement for acceptance into your postgraduate program. Read More>>>


How To Get Current And Contemporary Literature Review For Your Research Project Paper

April 03 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

A literature review is usually the second chapter in a research project or dissertation. It shows how the related works in a field of study influence what a researcher is doing in his own research work. The objective is to use the academic works you will consult to provide a stimulus for your own work. Before you consider which content to include from your literature, you need to remind yourself of the main purposes of your work. The literature review provides the historical background for your research and also gives Read More>>>


How To Apply For Postgraduate Studies In Nigerian Universities

July 19 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

After your first degree, a number of options appear to you. Do you start searching for jobs or go for postgraduate studies? Do you go for NYSC or can you apply for PG studies immediately? This post will answer all your questions.

First, why go for postgraduate studies? Many people feel that the stress they undergo in the universities and polytechnics is enough for a lifetime. Read More>>>


How to Apply for Postgraduate Studies In Countries Abroad

July 19 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

Many undergraduates in Nigeria will like to further their education after graduation. Some of them will like to do their post-graduate studies abroad. If you are one of those, then you will find this article very valuable.

There are many reasons why you may prefer to get your postgraduate degree from a foreign country. By foreign country, we simply mean a country that is not your country of origin and residence. So, if you are a Nigerian and finished from a Nigerian university then went to Ghana for postgraduate, you have studied abroad. Read More>>>


How to Write the CV That Gets You Your Desired Job!

July 19 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

Your curriculum vitae or resume is what you use to sell yourself to potential employers. If you do it right, it will help you get multiple interviews which will land you the job of your choice.

Immediately after school and youth service, the next thing on your mind is how to get a good job. Knowing how to write a good resume is one of the best ways of ensuring that you get that dream job. Read More>>>


A Prolific Youruba Researcher Finally Unveils His Fail-Proof Secret Methods to Applying For Research Grants in Nigeria

April 18 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

research grantYes! A Nigerian research guru finally reveals his secret weapons to getting instant approval when he applies for research grants.

His writing tips alone is enough to make you fall on your knees and thank me for writing this article!


Yesterday, I drove into Ikeja city mall.  I ran into a friend who manages a research institute. We've had a lot of Whatsapp conversations in the past. He never told me his closely-guarded secrets to applying for research grant. He writes electrifying grant proposals that gets instant approval. Read More>>


10 Practical Guidelines on Writing Academic Papers

April 18 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

academic writingI could easily have titled this write up, “Give Me 5 Minutes, and I Will Show You the Secrets of Successful Academic Writing”. The headline up there is a direct reflection of what I am about to teach you here: 10 rock-solid, practical guidelines to turbocharge your academic papers and have a massive success.

For a minute, please forget everything you’ve learnt before and pay close attention. Scan every word of this web page diligently. Read More>>>


10 Plagiarism Checkers For Students That Guarantee Good Grades

April 8 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

plagiarism checkerAround nine o'clock in the morning, a young scholar took a bold walk into his professor’s office. He handed him a soft copy of his 2-week research paper. The professor took it and never say a word.

He took the flash-drive and uploaded the papers on a software program. Right then and there, the software began shaking the Internet trees. In 15 seconds or less, some stolen text began to fall off Read More>>.


Qualitative Data VS. Quantitative Data: Easy Ways to Determine the Best for Your Research Study

April 8 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

qualitative vs quantitative dataThis article is not for everybody. It is for the student confronted with the dilemma of knowing which research data suits their study: Qualitative or Quantitative.

Sometimes, the confusion seems so large like it would take forever to know where to begin. How do we then understand the complexities of the two?

Pull up a chair and hear me out. The detailed analysis is coming in the next lines.... Brace yourself. Read More>>>


The Perfect Landing: Surefire Techniques to Write Excellent Summary of Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations of a Research Paper with Examples

March 23 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

This article is the holy grail of writing, as it brings you the big, scary words in research world in a digestible way.
Just as the headline implies, “Safe Landing”. How would this metaphor feel? On a windy, rainy day, you were driving past on a highway in the dark of the night. With thick dark, tall evergreens, coupled with the fears of late-night robbers. With the wind pounding against your motion, sweeping your tires off the road. You see trees falling off behind you. Read More>>>

Special Report! A Quick Review of Research Funding Agencies in Nigeria

March 23 2018, By Solomon Adeyera

I remembered the last time I mentioned the word 'grant' in front of a Nigerian scholar. The looks in his eyes was so strange. He wanted to eat me alive. Just like any other Nigerian, he argued blindly and yelled, “There’s none! No matter how clever the innovation is, you’ll have to fund it yourself ”. remembered the last time I mentioned the word 'grant' in front of a Nigerian scholar. The looks in his eyes was so strange. He wanted to eat me alive. Just like any other Nigerian, he argued blindly and yelled, “There’s none! No matter how clever the innovation is, you’ll have to fund it yourself ”. Read More>>>


How to Write the Scope of Study of a Research Paper

February 23 2018, By CharlesBruno Eze

Research writing is a very serious business; one that requires being approached with precision. What research really is is building upon collective body of knowledge. This requires a high level of seriousness and uniformity so that things don't fall into chaos. To be good with research work, one has to learn the accepted methods and processes of documentations. One of such is how to write the scope of your research work which will also be part of your research project work. Read More>>>

Understanding the Essence and Practice of Business Research

February 23 2018, By Ubazue Nzubechukwu Onyeka

Research is done most times to critically examine a body of knowledge for a specific purpose. Business researches are not left out of this periscope. They determine to a great extent the progress and or failure of any business enterprise. Many businesses across the world spend a lot of money trying to remain relevant in the eyes of their clients and also in gaining new ones. These monies are spent doing qualitative research into these things that significantly affect how a business grows. Read More>>>

Understanding the Theoretical and Practical Implications of a Research Paper

February 19, 2018 By Anuoluwapo Dorcas Oni

A research implication is the logical connection between a condition and its outcome. Before you write an implication on a research paper, take your time to go back and read the significance of the study. What potential did you think the data may provide when you were proposing your study? Now that you have your data, has your perspective changed? You should consider these themes on your implication section. Step back and remember the problems you aligned to the purpose, which led to your research questions then, methodology. Read More>>>

Discover How To Choose Appropriate Sampling Technique, Sample Size and How to Write Research Methodology With Example

February 13, 2018 By Chidi Rafael

sampling techniqueAbout to Write the Chapter Three (Research Methodology) of your Research paper? Are you comfused on the appropraite Sampling Technique to apply? If you are in this dilema Then, This short article is for you. Check out the diagrams below. It will help you decide on the best and most approriate sampling technique to apply for your research paper, dissertation, research project and thesis. Read More>>>

How to Write A Research Synopsis

February 13, 2018 By CharlesBruno Eze

synopsisA research synopsis is a short outline of what your research thesis is and all the steps you propose to follow in order to achieve them. It gives you and your supervisor a clear view of what the research aims at achieving and within what time frame. It also helps you stay focused and makes the research work generally less tedious. This explains why your synopsis should be approached with clarity, systematically with unambiguous sentences. Read More>>>

Understanding Theoretical Framework and Conceptual Framework

February 13, 2018 By CharlesBruno Eze

theoretical frameIf you have searched these two terms it might mean you find them confusing and sometimes use them interchangeably. They are not. They are two different research terms whose application is very important to the research work. And for your research, you will need to do a theoretical framework and a conceptual franework. This article is an attempt to simplify them and highlight their differences so that you will easily understand these key research terms. Simple examples will be employed to help you understand the differences and meanings clearly. Read More>>>

8 Funny Ways to Get Awesome Research Project Ideas

February 5, 2018 By CharlesBruno Eze

funny-ways-researchWhat comes to mind when you think of research? Some serious business, right? Something done by only very strict professors with white beards and done with big words? Actually, research can be made fun. The following are 8 funny ways to get awesome research project ideas ( number 6 is so hilarious you won't believe it's possible).

1. Movies: it's hard to believe but many research ideas have come from chilling in one's room watching a movie or out at the cinema seeing a movie. It usually works better when one's mind is already going through the idea of research this way you are open to see the research ideas in the actions, the costumes and even the dialogues. Read More>>>



10 Powerful Research Methodology Books You Must Get as a Final Year Student

February 5, 2018 By CharlesBruno Eze

business-research-booksResearch is a very serious business because everything we use in our everyday life and the machineries our society is built on research. Any mistake has the potential of wreaking havoc on the bodies of knowledge that we build our society on. So, for your final year, we have packaged for you a list of 10 very powerful research method books to help you understand the rules that guide research method and also organize yours. Read More>>



February 2, 2018 By Anuoluwapo Dorcas Oni

grammar-toolsDo you wish to write excellent research papers free from grammatical blunders? Then, you are just in luck! I took out time today to review the top 10 Grammar Correction Software you can use in identify grammatical errors in your paper.

When writing a research paper, it is imperative to produce what others can easily read and understand. To achieve this, you need to write something original and free from grammatical errors. This will not just earn you good marks, but will impress your readers, especially if you intend to publish your paper. Read More>>>



October 13, 2017 By Juliet Ugochi

Are you contemplating using article spinners in your research papers? Don’t! You want to know why - they cause more harm than good. You don’t want to play with your final year project or master thesis, do you? I thought as much. I mean, after spending years in school, going to lectures, taking test and examination, will you now ruin it all with article spinners at the end? I know you are smarter than this. >>>Read More


October 10, 2017 By Juliet Ugochi

Research stems from our disposition to ask questions. As human beings, we are naturally curious and want to find the answers to most of our questions. Most of our knowledge were acquired either through experience or research. That is why research is critical in our lives. Research plays an important role in helping us understand our natural world and even our society. >>Read More


October 13, 2017 By Juliet Ugochi

Research is not just part of the academic world, it is a very important process in every area of life. That is why you see big companies spending huge amounts of money carrying out research before they go into a new area of production. But in this article, we are going to focus on the research process to gain academic merit. >>Read More


June 26, 2017 By Chidi Rafael

ResearchClue is looking for competent individuals who can act in the capacity of research assistants for our esteemed firm. Individuals  who can undertake various research surveys in management, business administration, arts, social sciences, engineering, pure and applied science, education are invited to apply for these vacant positions on a full time basis. Sign Up Now!


June 26, 2017 By Chidi Rafael

Practice makes perfect! A great way to prepare for Project Defense is to understand the Research Process and know the various Methodologies involved in successfully carrying out a Research Project. I have integrated an Online Practice Quiz here to enable you prepare adequately for your Project Defense. Click on the 'Start Quiz' Button Below and Get Started!

Click Here to Start! >>>



December 29, 2016 By Chidi Rafael

The research onion is used in explaining the research methodology for the study with the research onion framework adopted from Saunders & Lewis (2012).  This is presented in figure 3.1.  The approach taken in using the research onion framework is to go from the outer layer to the inner layer of the research onion. Read More>>> 


Septembre 30, 2016 By Divine Nwachukwu

Embarking on a research work is compulsory for every student who intends to graduate one day and as at when due. Research works are one of the final and most vital rituals in the curriculum for final year students. A lot of students who embark on their research studies may not actually know the little mistakes that may cost them their graduation or good grades. I have taken upon myself to educate students on the little mistakes students must pay attention to and avoid making during their research undertakings. Read More >>>


November 23, 2015 By Divine Nwachukwu

caseChoosing a suitable case study for a research is an essential part of the process of carrying out a research or study. A case study simply put is that geographical location or kind of data that would make your research to be judged powerful. A research is said to be powerful if the case study of that research reflects the hypothesis for the topic under study. In choosing a suitable case study for your research or study, one has to consider: Read More>>>


November 20, 2015 By Divine Nwachukwu

approve-thesisApproval of a project topic by your supervisor takes more than just a “supposedly good topic”. Projects or research are a technical write up that has to be relevant and all-encompassing in achieving its goals of improving the body of knowledge. Most researchers or students have been finding it difficult to get their project topics approved by their lecturers or project supervisors known as their project or research supervisors.so if you find yourself in this little problem of getting your project topic approved by your project supervisor, then follow this tips and unique tricks used to buy your supervisors heart to approve both my topic and also all you from chapter one to charter five. Below are the simple things that would get your supervisor approve your project topic without delay Read More>>>


November 13, 2014 By Divine Nwachukwu

prelimFor a research to be termed acceptable to your research coordinator or project supervisor, the preliminary pages of the work must be all encompassing and concise enough to make great meaning. Preliminary pages are those write ups that come before the chapter one of every project or research work.
Standard preliminary pages has the following features in these chronological order Read More>>>



November 5, 2015 By Divine Nwachukwu

introFor any meaningful and worthwhile to be carried out, data from either a secondary or primary means of data collection are required. In other to gain entrance to organizations understudy to carry out a research, a formal permission has to be employed to enable a welcome reception and a conducive environment for your research.  Writing a letter of permission to conduct research in any organization basically comes in two ways. Read More>>>


October 26, 2015 By Divine Nwachukwu

quesThe importance of questionnaires in research purposes cannot be over emphasized. Questionnaires are a set of printed or written questions with a choice of answers in a given rank or order, specially devised for the purpose of a survey or a statistical study. It can also be a written set of questions that are given to people in order to collect facts or opinions about a particular topic of interest. This is chiefly a research or survey questions asked to respondents and designed to extract specific information or response.  Questionnaires basically serve four basic purposes. Read More>>>


September 17, 2015 By Ugochi Juliet

nucThe enormous achievements in development in most of the developed countries comes mainly through research. This made former president Goodluck Jonathan to task the nation universities in the art of research. Following this mandate by the federal government, the regulatory body of all universities in the nation, the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) has been introducing various commendable schemes and awards to advance the standard of education in the country as well promote research among university students.



September 2015, By Ugochi Juliet

phdThe highest level of education that exists is the PhD. While it can be frustrating and tiring, your dissertation, which is your final result is a very rewarding thing for you and a major achievement in your life. With a zeal to help PhD students with their thesis, the duo of Dr. Gordon Rugg and Dr. Marian Petre wrote the book - The Unwritten Rules of PhD Research. This is a no-holds-barred look about what you as an individual needs to know when it comes to PhD research. . Read More>>>


September 17, 2015. By Ugochi Juliet

doProject writing and presentation is a prerequisite of getting a degree by a student, either for graduate degree or postgraduate degree. You need to read widely and extensively so you can have a lot of materials, combined with what your lecturers thought you, to write a very good project. After the write-up, comes the presentation. To make a good presentation of your project, there are some rules you need to adhere to. There are some do’s and don’ts you should stick to, to make sure that your project presentation goes well. First let’s see the don’ts, the things you should not do. Read More>>>



September 17, 2015. By Ugochi Juliet

scMany Nigerian students require some form of financial help to further their studies. Sometimes they may need this money to travel abroad and complete their studies. This can be obtained through scholarships and grants. There are many scholarships and grants available to Nigerian students either to help them complete their education here in the country or to travel abroad for their schooling. These scholarships are provided by government, non-governmental organisation, international agencies, individuals, educational institutions and corporations. . Read More>>>



September 26, 2015 By Divine Nwachukwu

sampleIn statistics, determination of sample size to be used for research has generated a lot of controversy. Sample size and power estimation is an important concern for researchers undertaking research projects but most often than not they have been misunderstood or ignored completely.
What is sample size?

According to inferential and descriptive statistics, sample size of any population is a subset or a smaller unit of the main population on which a research is to be carried out. For the outcome of any research about a population to be generalized, the sample size has to be able to explain the characteristics of the main population under study. Read More>>>



May 23, 2015 By Chidi Rafael

ltWelcome to the second series of my planned four series on the theme ‘Secret Revealed: Discover what your supervisor is looking for and how your project is graded’. Without a doubt undoubtedly, the first series which covered the proposal and introductory chapter of a research project was a great read.
This second series will reveal to you my awesome reader what supervisors’ look out for in your literature review. So, as usual enjoy! Read More>>>


Dec 28, 2014 By Japheth A. Yaya

hypothesisHypothesis is a testable prediction, a statement of specific results or a suggested answer to a research  problem or a conjectural statement of the relationship between two or more variable being investigated or a deduction from a postulate (Akinade&Owolabi, 2009; Awoniyi, Aderanti&Tayo, 2011; Cherry, 2014).It can be regarded as the suggested answer to a research objective and problem. It is an idea or guess regarding how the researcher thinks the results of a study will look like. Simply put, it is a tentative assumption, supposition, guess, inference, explanation or prediction about some phenomenon that can be tested in a reasonable time frame. It is always put in declarative statement to relate the research variables to each other generally or specifically.While the hypothesis predicts what the researchers expect to see, the goal of research is to determine whether this guess is right or wrong (Cherry, 2014). >>>Read More Here


Dec 27, 2014 By Austine Archibong

timeResearch work could take the most unexpected twist and turn. It is a nerve-racking experience. Usually, if approached in a haphazard manner, valuable time could be lost. In big research corporations, each researcher has a set of responsibilities and area of focus, this might help and aid timely completion of research work. However, in personal or unstructured research work, these tips on time management is life-saving. Without any bias to any form of research, these tips are generally applicable. >>>Read More Here



December 13, 2014 By Austine Archibong

referencingI once stumbled upon a sentence that greatly inspired me. The saying goes thus: Every writer is a thief! Certainly you'd be quick to dispute that. The thing is, we were born without the knowledge we have now garnered overtime, it is the work of others that we have digested to become this informed.
In research, it is usual that there would  be an in-depth digging of past and similar work. It is required that due credit is given to the author of what-so-ever sentence, experimental work, or excerpt adapted into your work. This is to acknowledge their efforts, sponsor hard-work and discourage theft of any form. This also helps the readers/reviewers of your work  locate the past work and go over.
Plagiarism - claiming someone else's work as yours is a terrible offence and a laugh-off of creativity. This is strongly discouraged in all climes. Hence, the need for this guide. >>>Read More Here


December 21, 2014 By Austine Archibong

step by step guide for projectUndergraduate research project is an independent effort required of students in tertiary institutions. The students, though supervised by an academic staff, are to carry out a pre-determined research within the constraints of their study.
The supervisor is primarily to receive proposals of the research interest, approve it, provide guidance and assess the work at the end. An external supervisor is usual, to provide an external and independent assessment of their research work.>>>Read More Here


December 15, 2014 By Samuel Ekpo

spssDuring or after research, there is usually a need to analyze; to present the information gotten in a presentable and easily understood  format.
There are numerous packages or softwares that could be used to achieve this.
The choice of the method to use in the analysis depends on the function to be achieved. However, even for the same function, there are multiple means of analysing data, hence, certain things should be noted.
The method might be based on the popularity of the option in your environ. It might be based also on what you were taught with in school. It might be specially required for the kind of work you are doing. Possible options are discussed below. All options have their pros and cons.>>>Read More Here


December 18, 2014 By Oyeniyi Ifedayo Samuel

ms word logoMost researches would require that you submit a copy of your findings after your research. The commonest means of doing this is by the use of Microsoft word. This has been in existence for long and the knowledge of its use is expected even before admission into most tertiary institutions. Yet, the submissions from students, and researchers generally, show that they lack this knowledge; are not enforced strictly to comply with guidelines; are just lazy or they do not just edit their work at the end, after all the apparent work. This just screams unprofessionalism and recklessness.' >>>Read More Here



December 08, 2014 By Samuel Ekpo

gtThis is a common issue in the course of researching in an academic situation. The ideologies of the supervisor and the students might not always be similar.
This should however be handled with caution as a strained relationship would affect the tone of the research work, the drive of both parties, the final grade assigned to the student and the psyche of the student even. The conflict here is assumed nothing physical but any that might hinder or slow down the pace of work between both parties. >>>Read More Here


December 04, 2014 By Austine Archibong

fWe were assembled. We argued. We were at each other's throats. Then we settled. We laughed hard. We played, prayed and hoped. Together. We presented. We failed. We were blamed altogether. Then we pointed accusing fingers at each other. Finally, we accepted our fate and moved on.
This is a condensed depiction of what happened in a group research project I was recently involved in. You see in life, at some point we would all have to be engaged in group work of some sort. >>>Read More Here


October 13, 2014 By Chidi Rafael

QUESTBelow are likely questions you may face in a defense room. Take note of these questions and suggested answers, do good by researching more and not limiting yourself to just these questions.

Question 1: In few sentences, can you tell us what your study is all about?
The question is simple right? Many professors will tell you that most students get choked on a question like this. Anyways the question is simple, but a bit technical. To answer this question, you need to know every detail of your research project from chapters one to the end. The question needs an answer in form of a summary of the entire study, therefore, to ace this particular question you need to know every detail in your abstract. If you wrote a good abstract, this question will be a cross over for you. >>>Read More Click Here



August 23, 2014 By Chidi Rafael

FTThis power packed article will reveal awesome tips that will aid you in avoiding plagiarism and getting ahead of your supervisor. Even the likes of Turnitin, Viper, and Plagtracker etc will never see your brake lights. Enjoy! This power packed article will reveal awesome tips that will aid you in avoiding plagiarism and getting ahead of your supervisor. Even the likes of Turnitin, Viper, and Plagtracker etc will never see your brake lights. Enjoy! This power packed article will reveal awesome tips that will aid you in avoiding plagiarism and getting ahead of your supervisor. Even the likes of Turnitin, Viper, and Plagtracker etc will never see your brake lights. Enjoy! >>>Read it Here



August 05, 2014 By Ugochi Juliet

tocOnce you decide to write a book, a novel or any type of essay, you might be met with the popular writer’s block. One of the ways of eliminating the writer’s block is to create a table of contents for the essay. This is because the table of contents will now give you guidelines to write your essay.
Do you know that an essential part of your essay writing is the table of contents? Sure because it the part that shows the reader the organisation and division of the information in your report. So do you know how to write it? Did you answer no? Ok don’t worry. This article will teach you how to write a table of contents. Read More


July 02, 2014 By Chidi Rafael

knwThe essence of research is to find more knowledge and add to the existing body of knowledge. How has your study contributed to the Body of Knowledge? This is one question students especially at the Masters or PhD level must answer one day. The body of knowledge (BOK) encompasses every field of study from medicine to soap making and even our regular sports. You may choose to look at it as a vast library that needs constant updates from brilliant and creative minds to solve newer issues in the society. If you do not contribute, posterity may suffer because they cannot rely on old data and theories to survive and keep up with the pace at which the world is evolving today coupled with rapid growth in technology. Just imagine if we were to be using research studies on Malaria conducted in 1890 to cure Malaria today...imagine how many people that will die as a result of no current work to show that nutrition has improved, life styles have changed, hygiene is getting better, mosquitoes are getting smarter, newer herbs and chemicals exist-now that is the essence of research! So do not feel bad when asked if your work will or has added to existing knowledge. Read More



July 08, 2013 By Chidi Rafael

how to write a projectBeing a ‘regular customer’ to your project supervisor is something now common among many Nigerian final year students.  Believe it or leave it! Some students can meet their project supervisors up to 15 times before they scale through chapter one. If you are having headache convincing your supervisor to approve your chapter one or proposal, then this article is for you. You are welcome to my first part of ‘Discover what your supervisor is looking for in your project work’. This first series will cover the proposal/introductory sections of your research work.  As we all know, good grades do not just fall from heaven-it takes hard work and favor from God. Before you submit that seminar paper or research paper with the caption ‘submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of a degree’…. Your work must be good enough. Read More


June 10, 2014 By Japheth A. Yaya

research methodsResearch can simply be described as a diligent and scientific enquiry or investigation into a subject or problem in order to come up with the latest discovery (ies) so as to resolve an identified societal problem. In any field of knowledge, research is very important as it enables the researcher to discover new ground to cover in meeting human needs and thereby makes society worth living. Research is the bedrock of any serious minded scholar which he/she has to carry out in order to salvage a decaying economy of a nation and also sustain development for his country. Read More


May 17, 2014 By Japheth A. Yaya

measureMeasurement instrument refers to various methods through which a researcher obtains data from respondents for his research work. The term data refers to all forms of information that researchers obtain from the participant of the study. Adedokun (2003:57) asserts that data refers “to any fact, observation or facts relating to the subject of the study”. There are different types of measurement instruments that can be used by researchers for their studies; it depends on the nature of research that is to be carried out. In this write up, we shall discuss various measurement instruments that can be used alongside with studies that are suitable for them. Read More


Novemeber 07, 2013 By Chidi Rafael

abstractDue to numerous emails students keep sending to me concerning difficulties they face when trying to write a good and standard abstract, I have decided to pick up my pen once again, do some research and tackle this issue once and for all. Writing an abstract in an important phase in the research process; hence in-order to make good grades with your research project and impress your readers, one must be familiar with the techniques of writing a good, concise and standard abstract. Before I discourse on how to write a good abstract, let’s talk a bit about an abstract. Is it a bird or an insect? Absolutely not a bird or an insect, an abstract in simple terms is a summary of a research project, thesis. Dissertation, research journal etc. abstracts are usually seen at the beginning of research paper...Read More


December 24, 2012 By Chidi Rafael

developing topicsJust like news headlines, your research project topic is your first selling point. If media houses do not caption a football match between Nigeria and Ghana as 'Nigeria and Ghana goes to War again' they may continue enjoying being broke. In essence, your project topic and the material you produce should be captivating. It should have the magical power to draw people’s interest, and achieve good grades for you. Your ability to come up with an interesting and good research project topic is your first step in building an 'A' in Research Methodology. Fantastic research papers in Nigeria do not fall from heaven. They come about as a result of serious brainstorming mixed with great fun. Anyways in my little experience as an independent researcher, I do not entirely agree that developing a project topic should be too tasking. I rather see it as fun...Read More


Nov 11, 2012 By Chidi Rafael

PpresentationJust imagine a project defense room where you are presenting your research work in such an awesome way, and your panel members just can’t stop nodding, gazing at you with their mouths wide open and clapping non-stop for you…It is just an imagination, so wake up! Put more work to it by reading this article, apply it and pray your panel members do not turn your project defence to project attack! Project defense has come to stay, and the only way to graduate in Nigerian universities is to at least defend what you have written (or copied and paste) in a convincing manner. Gone are the days when you could just copy and paste an article from the internet and dump for your school. Our Nigerian school system is changing from dumping grounds to speech oriented institutions, which means that you must be good at presentations in order to scale through. At times students confuse themselves with content of their work. The truth is that it is better to be more confident with a poor content, than to be un-able to defend an excellent research work...Read More